Sunday, May 11, 2008

loving our mothers

Our women's Bible study at church has been working through the How People Change (or How Christ Changes Us by His Grace) curriculum. During one study we began contemplating ways that we could show the mums in our church how much we loved them and valued them. It's understandable that mums can often feel left out of the loop or depressed that they cannot give the church what they once could before children came along. But we wanted to show them that we understand that they are in a phase of life of performing unmeasurable amounts of concentrated blessing on their young ones. So we determined to show them God's love in practical ways.

First, the women in the church who do not have children and were keen to participate decided to adopt a mum as their sister. The purpose was not to enter their sister's home and make her feel guilty and lecture her on how to be a better parent. Instead, we wanted to be at their service. If a new mum just needed someone to hold her baby for 30 minutes so she could take a shower ... consider it done! If she'd really like some adult company or someone to read the Bible and pray with her ... done! If she just wants to feel like a woman again and go out to a movie with friends and indulge in some ice cream afterwards ... done! There is only one rule for the mums--they are not allowed to clean their home before their sister comes over. ; ) In turn, we have received a huge blessing from ministering to and loving our sisters.

Second, our Bible study made mother's day cards and gift bags for our sisters. Inside each bag we tucked away our cards, a bar of fair trade chocolate, a CD of Remember Me (Prayer of Hannah) by Jamie Barnes, a prayer for mothers (written by Laura Roberts), and an invite to our Bible study's wrap-up mini-retreat. I showed my friends Nick and Kate Jamie's song and they decided to bless the mums at Crossroads House this morning by performing it. Everyone was blessed.

Prayer for Our Mothers
by Laura Roberts
Heavenly Father,

It was your eternal purpose to give all people life through mothers,
And to send your Son in flesh through a mother’s womb.

Bless our mothers as they follow you,
And guide them as they seek you.

Give them wisdom, that they may instruct their children faithfully.

Grant them discernment as they pray for their children;
Shape their hearts that they might desire the gospel to shine forth in their children’s lives.

Lord, you know what we need even before we ask.
We earnestly seek your perfect will for our mothers,
So that they might raise up children whose lives declare the gospel
Of your Son, by whose sinless life, perfect death, and glorious resurrection
We come before you with our requests.



Erica said...

Very awesome idea :)

Ruth said...

Wow - fantastic ideas. I would love to be able to have a shower without constant interruptions and crying children nearby!