Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Olivia Kious Jolly

Introducing Olivia Kious Jolly (formerly known as Squiggle-Brick). Her expected birthdate is mid to late February.

It was an odd experience for Mike to see her squirm about on the screen this morning. She has the sweetest face and the most darling pair of rosebud lips. I think she has Mike's spine.

For those who are curious about her middle name, Kious (which rhymes with "pious") is a family name. I was very honored when Mike suggested we grace the middle of Olivia's name with Kious. It was my mother's maiden name and my middle name. The earliest Kiouses we are aware of were Hessian (German) mercenaries who fought in the American colonies for the British. There is a document containing the name Jean Kaus who became John Kious when he decided to settle in the United States following the War for Independence.

On a side note...

The family has issued the following statement:
It is clear from the scan that Olivia has inherited her mother's psychological aversion to the color pink. Although it cannot be 100% percent certain, it is relatively probable that she may also have a slight allergy to the color purple. Family members have already been warned about her medical/mental condition. Due to her sensitive condition, they have made the necessary adjustments to make Olivia's life as comfortable as possible. Her mother, Christine, sadly was not diagnosed with the condition until she was in her 20s. We do not wish for Olivia to experience the same problems throughout her life as her mother. Others should be aware that if they wear pink or the slightly less menacing color, purple, this will not have an averse effect on Olivia. Rather, the condition is confined to her own personal apparel and accessories.