Friday, November 9, 2007

Mike day

Saturday is Mike's birthday!

I know that one of his greatest concerns is to raise enough support as he works full-time for FOCUS at the University of Tasmania. (Uni students aren't exactly the most affluent individuals.)

So, I got the idea to surprise (hush hush) Mike by helping him raise some of the support he needs.

My idea is that if everyone gave a minimum of $5 each that it would take care of a good chunk of his support.

Would you please consider donating $5 to his work?

You can make your donation here. Be sure to select Mike Jolly in the "worker" field.

Also, if you'd like to keep up with his work you can check for regular updates at ... recently, he has posted a number of posts containing the vision for FOCUS next year. Exciting stuff.

Remember ... shhhhh!

Note: If you are overseas and the form doesn't work for you (might not work if you have a Visa card), you can download a form linked at the top of the donation page and mail in a contribution.

Thanks so much for making Mike's birthday special for me!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

don't believe Mike

When he tells you I'm messy.

That's me lying on the bed ... if you look closely you can see the outline of my body ... I sort of blend in. Just look at my wardrobe ... brown ... green ... blue ...

Sorry, I haven't been responding to comments all week ... or updating my blog. Having worked full-time all week ... the evenings left me EXHAUSTED. I haven't been able to prepare our evening meals with the well-thought-through care that I'm used to. The first night I came home and prepared dinner, Mike said the sweetest thing after I dumped a jar of sweet and sour on some chicken and frozen veg.

(Just after taking a bite) "I like it better when you prepare your meals."

For me, it was a very sweet complement about my cooking.*

*I really enjoy making my meals from scratch. It was good for me to know Mike appreciates the effort I've gone through to make nice healthy meals for us.