Tuesday, October 16, 2007

no introductions needed for you ...

... but a larger chunk of the world has just been introduced to yours truly.

Over the past week, I've been invited to become a blogger on Babble of the Sexes. There I will write the same tantalizingly controversial posts that you're accustomed to reading here.

I hope you enjoy the silly bio I wrote.

Please stop over here, and introduce others to me in the comments section. It could be anything and everything ... like:

"She's not all there."

"Um, I dunno, she's tall...?"

"She used to post heaps of pictures, but I'm not sure what happened."


"Great blog! You might like to know that you can get 1/2 off on patio furniture here."

Lol ... whatever you want.


kath said...

congrats christine! have fun :)

Short Fella said...

Yay! for 1/2 off on patio furniture!