Thursday, October 25, 2007

don't start knitting baby booties yet

Yesterday, Mike and I found out that we will soon be "parents" ... of a couple hundred college students at a local residence for University students. Not only will we get free room and board, but we will have such amazing opportunities to be right there among the students and minister to them in unique ways.

In the meantime,
  1. I've been searching for employment. Tomorrow morning I begin working at a craft store much like the large craft and fabric stores in the US.
  2. I overheard an employee at Fullers Bookshop in town make a phone call to a customer, "Hello, Mrs. X? Your book order has arrived. If you like, I can drop it by your home on my way home from work this evening. No, it's fine. It's on my way home, anyway. I just thought that you might like to save on the postage. Good, I'll see you this evening then." And that's why Fullers is my favorite.
  3. After some needed encouragement from Mike, the movers are speeding things up and I should have my shipment here in a few days... maybe. Who wants to celebrate Christmas with me a few months early?!!


kath said...


The Borg said...

Congrats on getting the Jane gig!

Laura said...

Ooh, Me! I want to celebrate Christmas early with you! How does a good old-fashioned American Thanksgiving sound to you? Turkey and all the trimmings can be yours for the low, low price of one round-trip ticket from Louisville to Hobart. Act now before time runs out!

Bron said...

That's wonderful Christine! And I hope you have a good first day at work. You'll definitely raise the standard of customer service there!

GloryandGrace said...

I saw a picture of you with a new 'do over on your hubby's blog - can I just say I am SOOOOOO going to be ready to cut my hair come January!! (Some days I wonder if I'll even make it until then!)

Radagast said...

Having spent 4 years in a Uni college (the grey one, on the hill above the campus), I remember how helpful good live-in tutors can be to the students.

Hope you find it a good experience too.