Saturday, June 28, 2008

my battle and Esther's

In Nancy Leigh DeMoss' recent series on Esther, she concludes with a number of lessons to be learned.
• We are in a battle.

• The real battle is not between flesh and blood but is spiritual.

• We win the war with humility, with faith, with prayer and fasting, sackcloth and ashes, with reliance on God.

• God has a sovereign plan.

• God's plan will not fail.

• God sustains and orders and rules over all His creation.

• Through faith and obedience you can be a part of God's plan.

• There is no situation so desperate that God cannot redeem it.

• Don't judge the outcome of the battle by the way things look now.
The entire article can be found here.

Don't wait for a particularly difficult situation to begin putting to practice these truths. Start now to integrate this into your entire life. Let it become a disposition ... a lifestyle ... not an occasional cry to God for help.

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